About MP Films


We are industry veterans ready to tackle any challenge. From films to commericals to TV projects, we've done them all - ensuring that our partners and clients enjoy a smooth production cycle.


Facing challenges with your production? We can help you secure the locations, equipment and crew that are just right for your budget. And while you're at it, why not take advantage of the tax rebate system?


Your vision is our mission. We will match your dedication and share your vision in producing the best and most creative visual works.

Why MP Films?

Here's the top reasons why you should talk to us about your project.

We've done big and small projects alike - from major international coproductions to small local projects. Every project was completed - on time and on budget.
We have access to some of the most stunning locations in Europe. Wide rolling beaches are just an hour's drive away from stunning mountain vistas and foreboding marshes. Less time driving means more time creating.
Our committments to our projects are absolute. We will do all that is within our capability to ensure your project is commerically successful. You can rely on our extensive network of contacts for financing and planning consultancy.
We really are. We don't see big budget and small budget productions equally - the creative vision is all that matters.

Our Services

Location scouting

Let us know what you need and we'll prepare a selection of handpicked locations just for you.

Crew and casting

You have the project, we have the people.


Cameras, lights, sound equipment - it's all waiting for you.

Pre-production consultancy

We can help you get your project on its feet and moving in the right direction.

Financial consultancy

Budget not ready? Don't worry, we can help you make a robust financial plan.


Anything else you need? Got you covered here too. We can open doors and help you get things rolling.

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